Pioneering the most flexible way to get a car.

Car Subscriptions

The future of driving

Our goal is to help everyone get into a car, regardless of their budget or circumstances. Think beyond ownership with an all inclusive single weekly payment with FlexiGo.

True flexibility

Get a car when you want it, return it when you don’t*


Your car subscription includes vehicle registration, car insurance and vehicle maintenance.

No lock in contracts

No lock in rental or finance contracts, no deposit, no vehicle loan, no lease, no fuss!

Best quality vehicles

We’ve partnered leading brands to offer the latest and best quality vehicles.

Is FlexiGo simpler than traditional ownership?

The short answer — yes.

Traditional Finance & Running Costs FlexiGo
Roadside Assistance
Free to swap (Every 3 months)
Pay to Swap ($150 Swap)

Frequently Asked Questions

You probably already have a subscription service. If you have a mobile phone plan, a Stan or Netflix account, then you have a subscription account. Similarly, car subscriptions allow you to pay your ongoing fees to use a car, rather than financing, buying or leasing a vehicle. Your ongoing fee includes car insurance, vehicle rego and maintenance. You also have the flexibility of upgrading or downgrading the type of vehicle at any time. It’s a flexible and modern way to drive a car – without the overhead of car ownership or car loan payments.
That’s up to you! Pay your $250 membership fee and then a simple weekly subscription fee for the car you want. Check out our range for car subscription pricing

A car lease is a long term commitment and its harder to cancel a lease due to penalties and exit fees. Car subscriptions are far more flexible and you can cancel or swap vehicles at any time! *

We just need a few standard documents to process your car subscription. Queensland Driver’s License and Australian Medicare card. Complete a credit check and you’ll be on your way to driving away in your fully maintained subscription vehicle!

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