Rent to Own Cars

Can't get finance? We can help, even with bad credit!


How does it work?


Every Repayment Counts

It's like renting a car but every repayment you make counts towards you owning the car outright.


Hand it Back

If you decide at any time you don’t want the car, you can hand it back at no extra cost.


No Credit Checks

No Credit Checks! Used by 1000’s of Australian’s because it’s so simple.

Rent to Own Cars: Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich

What Are Rent To Own Cars?

Rent to own is a much easier option than traditional car finance. Each car rental payment contributes to you owning the car in the future!

We can help get you into a car, even if you don't qualify for traditional car finance.

We provide affordable and reliable car rentals to empower all Aussies to be able to drive a car - regardless of their credit circumstances.

Submit an application and let us know what car you would like to rent. We’ll do our best to source it for you.

If you have any question at all on any rent to own cars please send us an email to

Have You Got Bad Credit? Don't Sweat It - We Say Yes!

Fast 60 Minute Approvals With No Credit Checks

No Lock In Contracts. No Cancellation Fees

No End Of Term Balloon Payments

No Extra Fees, No Interest. Just Easy Affordable Payments

Bankrupt, Unemployed, Centrelink, Pension, Single Parent Can Apply

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